When should I book my bridal trial?

It's appropriate to book your bridal trial 4-8 months before your wedding date. However, once you have your venue and vibe nailed down, it's really never too early! I only book one wedding per day, so availability fills up quickly, especially in the busy months.

Do you have a team?

I (Lindsay) am the primary makeup artist and owner of Manic Pixie Makeup Artistry. I usually service events on my own, but for larger bridal parties, I work with a freelance assistant. This is at no extra cost to you.

Do you charge a travel fee?

Yes, any required travel is priced at $0.57/mi one way from Rosedale, MD.

How long do services usually take?

Bridal trials and event makeup looks normally take about 1.5 hours. For weddings, I like to try to allot 1 hour per face if possible on the day of to ensure that everyone is completed on time. Bridal looks normally take about an hour and full face makeup applications normally take about 45 minutes. 

I have a diverse bridal party. Do you have makeup that will suit different skin tones?

Yes, I have many different colors of foundation that can be used alone or mixed to create the perfect shade, and I have experience working with a variety of skin tones.

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